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Cherik AU: After Cuba, a severely depressed Charles Xavier has been kidnapped and brainwashed by a secret CIA unit. Having his legs back, he uses his powers to locate and kill CIA targets. Erik starts looking for him, despite being one of the major targets. [Inspired by POST]

"Charles, what did they do to you?”

"Who the hell is Charles?" 

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Benedict Cumberbatch attends the GQ Men Of The Year awards on September 2, 2014 in London. (x)

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Chris Evans (with Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan) filming pre-serum Steve Rogers’ scenes in Captain America: The First Avenger

Sebastian had to stand on an apple crate to look taller than Chris.

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i always end up thinking about the economic damage in superhero movies

make a movie.

the movie would be set entirely in the office of one over-worked insurance agent answering phone calls and in the window behind him we see various Super Heroes destroying things

Cast Amy Poehler

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